Musings on Miracles

The Path of Forgiveness is The Path of Miracles.

When I talk about what is possible with forgiveness, people often remark that it sounds miraculous. And on one level, it is. Yet, I can tell by the way they say this they don’t believe they could achieve the same amazing results. But that’s the thing. Miracles are possible – for everyone.

What is a miracle anyway?  We often think of a miracle as something mystical or magical. But this simply reflects the fact that we can’t explain what happened. 

This is explained in The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle by Todd Michael:

Miracles are poorly understood. Often we think of them as events in which the laws of the universe, the laws of cause and effect, are somehow circumvented. A miracle occurs when something impossible happens. We believe this about miraculous events only because we fail to understand the processes of cause and effect that enable them.  We are very much like Neanderthals observing an eclipse. Because we lack the proper knowledge, we rationalize what we observe in peculiar, supernatural terms when, in fact, what transpires has an entirely natural explanation.

What appears to us as a miracle actually follows natural sequences of cause and effect which we simply do not yet understand. 

To understand how this applies to forgiveness, think about some of the things that occur when we forgive:

  • We release anger and resentment we’ve been holding onto. People describe feeling lighter. There is an energetic shift.
  • We reconnect with a part of ourselves that is whole and wise. We connect to our inner truth. We feel empowered. This shifts our very stance in life.
  • We release fear and the need to control. This allows more room for the flow of life, and the flow of love.

It comes down to the fact that forgiveness changes our state of consciousness. Todd Michael points out, physicists now agree with what metaphysicians have long understood:  The universe rearranges itself around our states of consciousness.  

In other words, our state of consciousness is causal.  When we let go of our grievances and shift to love, the world around us changes too. Possibilities are created that didn’t previously exist. 

Until we grasp just how infinite and intelligent the universe is, and just how powerful our choices are in the creation of our lives, I suppose this will all continue to feel magical and mysterious, but that doesn’t mean it’s unattainable. Not at all.

As forgiveness teacher Collin Tippin says, forgiveness makes room for the miracle.



The Miracle of Forgiveness

In honor of International Forgiveness Day on August 8, I invite all of us to celebrate the miracle of forgiveness.  Here is some of what I’ve learned so far about forgiveness . . .

The path of forgiveness is a bridge . . .  It takes us beyond “thinking,” to a much deeper part of ourself, from a room filled with darkness to one filled with light.  It enables us to move from experiencing intense fear, anger and pain, to seeing life through the eyes of love.

Forgiveness is a transformational journey from wherever we are, to love.  The miracle of forgiveness is that when you forgive, the world around you changes too.  But it starts with you.  It begins inside of us first.

The ability to forgive truly is one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given. You can begin the journey of forgiveness from wherever you are.  When it comes to forgiveness, I like to say:
The best place to start is “here.” And the best time to start is “now.”

I hope you will give yourself this profound gift.

Many blessings,