Lawyers and Legal Disputes


“Although the notion of forgiveness may seem far afield from the world of law, forgiveness is a powerful and important tool for conflict resolution. Litigants need legal solutions, but they also need peace, healing, and closure. Forgiveness provides a vehicle for achieving all of these.”

Eileen Barker, The Case for Forgiveness in Legal Disputes, Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal Volume 13 (2013).


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“This law review article is outstanding work. I just saw your email, started reading it and could not put it down.  Well done. I have a case right now that I think it is ripe for forgiveness.  I am not sure my client will want to take that course/route.  However, I have been so blind that I have failed to raise it as a possibility.  What timing!  This is perfect.  Thank you for sharing this with me.” 

Simao Avila, Senior Counsel, Legal & Government Relations for Kaiser Permanente and Adjunct Faculty, UC Berkeley School of Law

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I am fully on board with the lawyer as counsel.  I believe the profession has devolved though is starting to evolve (slowly and surely) in large part because clients are beginning to demand it.  Encouraging the recognition of the emotional aspects of disputes is vital to helping our clients (especially in family cases) to heal and move on. I have been dismayed to realize that as a litigator, I was often adding fuel to the fire. It is certainly not why I went to law school in the first place.

CarolAnn Mazza, Family Law Litigator