My Experiment With Money

Earlier this summer, I found myself struggling with money — just getting by, worrying about having enough to pay my bills, and feeling anxious about it. I decided to write about this because a) I know I’m not alone in this and b) I’ve had a big breakthrough! 

I’ve had an up and down relationship with money for most of my life. Sometimes things are great, and other times not so much. I could see I was in an old, fear-based pattern. One thing I’ve learned from the path of forgiveness is that whenever we are struggling, there is something we need to learn, something that needs to heal.

So, I got curious. 

I started listening carefully to the hooligans in my head. Just beneath the surface, were quiet little voices: “I’m not worthy.” “I don’t deserve.”  Once these core wounds were illuminated, my inner work began. And this is what I learned:

Nothing outside of yourself can give you your worth.
No person, no job, no amount of money. 

Most of us think it’s up to someone else to decide how much we get in life, but that is wrong. You are the one that decides how much or how little you get to have. 

You are the one who decides! You have to give it to yourself. Claim your worth. See your own worthiness. No one and nothing outside you can do this for you, but no one and nothing outside you can take it away from you either.

And let me be clear – I’m not talking about saying affirmations over and over, and putting post-it notes on the mirror. That’s not it.

It’s about actually getting from within yourself that you are worthy. It’s about an experience of self-love that allows you to recognize your worth. And your deserving. For real.

My breakthrough was seeing this clearly and then bearing witness to my own worthiness. If I’m the one that gets to decide, I say yes. Hell yes! I give myself more. Yes, I deserve more. Inner validation creates room to receive.

So, I’ve started moving forward with faith and confidence. Just a few weeks ago, I took an action I’ve been afraid to take, which is hiring an assistant. I put out a call for help and very quickly found someone who loves the work I’m doing and is helping me take it to the next level! Within days of hiring her, my phone started ringing off the hook. Money is flowing and so is gratitude.  Big time.

I’m not saying it was easy. But I am saying it worked!

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