Healing Racism

Healing racism is one of the most important opportunities we now have.
I want to share an encouraging perspective from a member of our community, Marquita Campbell.

At this time, we have an opportunity to participate in reshaping the future narrative. Is racism age old? Of course it is! Is it the same old, same old? Not this time. What is different is that lynchings used to be an invited event, now it sparks outrage. What is different is the backdrop, the context, the framework. When in the history of our existence that the heinous death of a man (let alone a black man) has taken on a global response that stands up to say NO MORE!!!!? This is a pivotal moment.

We cannot employ ineffective, antiquated methods to address today’s opportunity. People are listening, we don’t have to yell. People are asking, we don’t have to demand. People are hearing, we just have to speak. This time is different. WE get to respond, We don’t have to react. Let’s try something different. That is all we ever really wanted was to be heard, seen and respected. WE ARE HERE!!! Let’s recognize the opportunity.

If we go into auto drive and slip back into the usual behavior, we will miss the moment because like it or not the world will make those changes with or without us. THAT is where we are. There will be changes, don’t miss the opportunity to be the driving force to shape history. We are truly at the helm. We have the spotlight. The world is listening. They have embraced our outrage, our anguish, our pain. They really do see it. They see it in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Canada, England, Syria, they see it and they see us. Let’s be receptive, this time let our response evolve as the world is evolving. Let’s talk.

If we are going to reshape the narrative, let’s start with the fact that the voices and behavior of the few do not represent the whole.The loudest voices are not the majority, they are simply the most visible. Sometimes we need to get out of our own way. Change is not just one sided. Sometimes we need to be willing to collaborate. Let’s do something different. We all know the definition of insanity, doing the same thing, expecting a different result.

In the end, this is the culmination of what it was all about….. the marches, the water hoses, the dogs, the beatings, protest. That was not intended to be our perpetual existence. That was all for a purpose, we need to recognize where we are in the journey.

Look, racism is as old as time, fact. But I reiterate, while this expression of racism is a throwback to a brutal time in our history, again, it is no longer socially embraced. Nothing is the same, there is a prolific global movement. People have physically demonstrated their solidarity. They have stood up and showed up. They are waiting for us at the table, let’s show up!!!! Now IS the time to talk. As they say, if not now, WHEN????

Marquita Campbell is a mediator, a forgiveness coach, a mindfulness coach and diversity trainer with over 20 years of experience in facilitation and program development. She has a Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution from the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Caruso School of Law. She is American born with Barbados, West Indian ancestry.



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