Forgiveness is Sexy

Ok all you forgiveness lovers, here is our favorite reason to love forgiveness – 

Forgiveness is Sexy!

Think about it for a moment ….

Relationship problems can almost always be traced to emotional issues that cause us, often unconsciously, to push people away and create barriers to fulfilling intimacy. Dissolving these barriers and healing our deepest wounds is what forgiveness is all about. 

Without forgiveness we hang on to our painful past. We feel angry, resentful, bitter, depressed, closed down. We complain and blame, and judge the other person and ourselves. Depending on our personality, we lash out or withdraw. Either way, none of this is very sexy, right?

On the other hand, forgiveness brings you into the present moment where you can reconnect with your true self and shine your light brightly. Forgiveness enables you to embody self-love and wholeness, standing in the flow of love.

Ulysses Slaughter, a forgiveness teacher from Philadelphia, nails it: “Forgiveness is sexy because it creates magnetism, a powerful force that draws people to you.”  

It may not happen overnight, but when you walk the path of forgiveness, you experience gradual shifts. First you notice you  have less unhappiness and suffering. Then one day you find yourself feeling happy –  a sense of inner peace and contentment – maybe for the first time. After that, you discover joy and moments of bliss. And, you want nothing more than to share this with others. 

Is forgiveness sexy? You bet! I’m not saying this is the only reason to forgive, but it’s certainly icing on the cake!

Speaking of cake …. for Michael’s birthday, I decided to create a “Forgiveness is Sexy” T-Shirt for him.  Then, some of the folks at Esalen wanted them, so we made more … we’ll be selling them while supplies last. To get yours, use the link in the right-hand column to order!


About Eileen Barker

EILEEN BARKER has been writing and speaking on forgiveness, and guiding people who need to either forgive themselves or someone else, for many years. A practicing litigation lawyer who rejected the traditional adversarial role, Eileen has focused her practice on mediation, helping thousands of people resolve disputes outside of court. This work led her into a deep exploration of forgiveness as it relates to resolving conflict and making peace, both with others and oneself.

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