Forgive – For Better or Worse

Over the summer, I’ve been doing forgiveness work with a number of couples who are either contemplating divorce or in the process of getting divorced.  My work has been to guide each person through the forgiveness process as a means of healing. Some couples are using forgiveness to help them get through the transition of divorce with less anger and blame.  Others are using the process to help resolve difficult emotions – such as feelings of betrayal, abandonment, and hopelessness – prior to deciding whether to divorce, or stay together.  The results have been very exciting.  I can see that whatever these couples ultimately decide to do, they are laying groundwork for their lives to unfold with much greater love and peace.  If through forgiveness, they find renewed hope for the marriage, then they have cleared the way for the rebuilding of their relationship.  On the other hand, if the decision is made to divorce, then they have a good foundation for creating an amicable post-divorce relationship and successfully co-parenting their children.

About Eileen Barker

EILEEN BARKER has been writing and speaking on forgiveness, and guiding people who need to either forgive themselves or someone else, for many years. A practicing litigation lawyer who rejected the traditional adversarial role, Eileen has focused her practice on mediation, helping thousands of people resolve disputes outside of court. This work led her into a deep exploration of forgiveness as it relates to resolving conflict and making peace, both with others and oneself.

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