Forgiveness Workshop

Discover the Incredible Healing
power of forgiveness

With Eileen Barker and Peter Sandhill

“A profound, life changing experience.”

  • Have you experienced deep disappointment, hurt
    or betrayal in an important relationship?
  • Do you continue to suffer from a conflict or trauma that occurred long ago?
  • Are unresolved issues affecting your health, finances or relationships?

Forgiveness is an incredible healing path for releasing those whom you believe to have wronged you, not for their sake—but for your own health and well-being.

Not forgiving is bad for your health, even dangerous.  Holding onto an old resentment or grudge is like holding onto a cancer.  It eats away at you from the inside.

You can learn to forgive without any need to excuse or condone what has occurred.  You can learn to move beyond emotional wounds, to heal and rise above the past.  Through forgiveness, you can reclaim your power and strength, and live your life to the fullest.

Join us for a transformative 2-day workshop, “Forgiveness:  The Art of Letting Go”—and experience the healing power of forgiveness for yourself:

Forgiveness can heal your life. Without forgiveness, we remain locked in the past.  We continue to give attention and energy to past conflicts and to experience the negative emotions associated with those situations, including anger, fear, resentment and shame. By forgiving, we can heal past emotional hurts and focus our lives on the positive.

Forgiveness is a choice. And the choice is yours.  Forgiveness does not depend on what anyone else does or does not do.  It’s a decision to let go of the past.  It’s something you do for your own benefit, not for anyone else.  Forgiveness is choosing to reclaim your life and your energy, so you can live fully and freely in the present moment.

The miracle of forgiveness is waiting for you. In this workshop, we will guide each participant through a powerful forgiveness process. You will have the opportunity to apply the steps of forgiveness to your own situation and experience the miracle of forgivness.  As we embrace the grace of forgiveness, the world around us changes too.


“I had no idea how deep and to the core forgiveness goes.”

“Peter and Eileen are very clear and engaged.  They create an extremely safe space and really support each person.”

“As a result of this class, I feel lighter than I have in years.”

“Even six months later, I see a huge difference . . . the deep wound I’ve carried  since I was a child is much less now.”

“Hugely transformative.  Exceeded expectations.”

June 12 & 13, 2010 – San Rafael, CA

With Eileen Barker & Peter Sandhill

$275 per person

Register by 6/3/2010 and save!

$225 per person