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Do it yourself Forgiveness Tools- Digital Book & CD

The Forgiveness Workbook: A Step by Step Guide contains an insightful overview on forgiveness and a powerful self-guided forgiveness process. Using a clear, practical approach, this 60-page workbook shows how to use forgiveness as a powerful healing tool to release the past and restore peace and well-being. It can be applied to any conflict, grievance, trauma, or other difficult life experience. This is an ideal tool for those who want to learn about or practice forgiveness.

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The Forgiveness Meditation CD is a powerful guided process for forgiving, healing and letting go of conflict. Whether you are currently dealing with a difficult conflict, or carrying the burden of a longstanding conflict from the past, this CD guides you to forgive the other person, and yourself, release the conflict from your life, and restore yourself to peace. It is designed to be used with the Forgiveness Workbook, but can also be used alone.

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