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Reviews of Forgiveness Workbook


Beautiful guide to forgiveness and a very useful workbook. I had the pleasure to learn from Eileen at a workshop and I highly recommend her workbook. She is a thoughtful person and has a presence of clarity. I am so grateful she is sharing this message to those who need it. – Andrea Duloc. 

Last night I read through the workbook with the intention to forgive my taher.  I awoke this morning to find a lengthy email from my father and asking for forgiveness.  Mind blown.   C.C.

I had an amazing experience as I went through the workbook. Going through it, slowly, with time to integrate the feelings and awarenesses, page by page, created increasingly vulnerable insights for me. Very clear. Very healing. Deep insights came from the process. I now see the gifts/gems of my so called grievance with another. No reason to hang on to resentment. Forgiveness works. – Anon

How do you forgive ,when you don’t know how? This book will teach you!! I could never in my wildest dreams imagine that I’d feel the way I do about situations and people in my life. I’m very grateful to have been shown this workbook.  – Lia

Learning to forgive an addicted boyfriend was not easy, but it was simple. With the help of your workbook, I began to see the value in letting go of hostilities so that I could lead a fuller, richer life. I might add that tackling the most difficult forgiveness issues made it much easier to make it a lifelong habit. My personal insight revealed that forgiving myself opened the door to truly forgiving others and in return, it made me a much more effective therapist. – Janet

Eileen Barker has written a most valuable book – an excellent and practical guide to the sometimes tricky landscape of forgiveness. Before working through this book I hadn’t understood that forgiveness is something I do for myself – not the person who hurt me. It was challenging to be honest with myself in working through every step of the forgiveness process but the result was the priceless gift of a free heart. I literally feel lighter in my body and know that whenever I feel a resentment about someone or a situation, or more crippling, angry at myself for some failure, I now have the tools to drop that negative pattern and make healthier choices in the future. Eileen Barker is an excellent teacher who takes the reader by the hand through each of the important steps – and it does takes time. Feeding resentment takes time too, but thanks to the Forgiveness Workbook, I have a sensitive and highly knowledgeable guide to lead me through an effective process to break and cycle and free my heart. Give yourself a wonderful gift and own this book. – Andrew Griffiths

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