Fall Retreat – Preparation

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Please do the following prior to your arrival at the retreat.

1. Use this link to view or download The Forgiveness Workbook. You will receive a hard copy of it at the retreat.  

2. Read Part One (pages 1 – 25) of The Forgiveness Workbook.

3.  Complete Step 1 of the Forgiveness Workbook (pages 27- 30) entitled Preparation. Forgiveness Inventory, think about anything you might need to support you in diving into your forgiveness work — before, during or after the retreat. For example, it might be having a best friend to check in with, support from a spouse or significant other, a day or two off of work or child duties afterwards, or anything else that would enable you to have an optimal experience. Prioritize this and set yourself up for success!  

4.  Complete Step 2 of the Forgiveness Workbook (pages 31-33), which is to describe the situation you will be working on in the retreat. Getting all of the events and feelings out on paper is a very important step of the forgiveness process. Say everything that feels important to you. Don’t hold back or censor yourself. Bring what you have written with you to the retreat. We recommend that you do this in the last 30 days before the retreat or, if you do it earlier, go back and review it to make sure its current prior to the retreat.