Healing Money Issues

Healing Money Issues
6-Week-Online Course
with Eileen Barker

Is money a challenge for youAre you frequently stressed about your finances?  Does money hold you back from doing things you want to do?  Do you sometimes feel there is never enough money– or just barely enough? Do you spend impulsively?  Are you  burdened by debt?  Do you ever experience guilt or shame for what you have or don’t have? 

Are you ready for change? Forgiveness is a powerful tool for dissolving judgments, emotional blocks. and old patterns that keep you stuck with money — including inherited patterns and conditioning — so you can create a new relationship with money, from a spiritually aligned place.

This is an opportunity to shift your relationship with money for once and for all. Learn to: 

  • Live from faith instead of fear
  • Heal core wounds of lack and unworthiness
  • Experience ease and abundance


My relationship to Money has always been an emotional one and tied to my self worth. I avoided dealing with my finances and preferred living in a gray zone of not knowing. That left me in an unsafe, fearful and constantly stressful space that kept me from living to my full potential. Eileen’s forgiveness process showed me there was another way to live and that I am entitled to abundance. I found my self-worth through this process and have been enriched in all areas of my life including my finances. I highly recommend this workshop. It changed my life.
Carin Gao

Eileen helped me heal long-standing money issues, and enabled me reach my goals and make more money in my practice than I ever had. And this just scratches the surface of how important her work was and continues to be in my life. This is work everyone should do.

Ryan Orrock

Mondays at noon PST

June 8, 15, 22, 29, July 6, 13, 2020

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This course is offered by donation.
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