The Ethics of Forgiveness – Online

Although the notion of forgiveness may seem far afield from the world of law, forgiveness can be a powerful tool for conflict resolution. Learn why forgiveness can be highly relevant to a wide-range of legal disputes, and what every lawyer and mediator should know about forgiveness.

This two-part webinar explores forgiveness within the attorney/client relationship and specifically how forgiveness relates to an attorney’s ethical obligations.  Program highlights include:

  • Dispelling common misconceptions about forgiveness
  • How forgiveness can apply to different types of cases, and at different stages
  • Integrating forgiveness with the ethical duties of zealous advocacy, fiduciary service, and avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Discerning whether forgiveness is in a client’s best interest
  • And much more
“I highly recommend Eileen Barker’s online course and workshops. As a mediator, I was interested in developing tools to help clients resolve conflicts and heal. However, I also learned to recognize and let go of personal issues that drained my own energy.  Eileen is a true pioneer in this important forgiveness work.  She is intelligent, skilled, compassionate and a true visionary.”

Barbara Monty, commerical litigator and mediator

“As Mahatma Gandhi has said: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”  Eileen has successfully tackled a subject that the entire legal community has avoided and offered it in a scholarly and caring manner. I was fortunate to have experienced it.”

Bob Berlin, Retired Judge and mediator

“Eileen Barker’s ground breaking work in bringing lawyers the “Ethics of Forgiveness” is much needed. As advocates, we must look at what is truly in the best interest of our clients, and as Officers of the Court we must elevate our work to promote forgiveness as an essential element of healthy communities.”

Lester de Souza, transactional lawyer


Presented by Eileen Barker

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4.0 hours MCLE Ethics Credits

This program has been approved by the California State Bar for 4.0 hours of Ethics credits.
(Many states offer reciprocity)


4.0 hours Ethics – Only $125

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