Circle Facilitation Training

Circle Facilitation Training
with Olivier Clerc
May 1 – 3, 2020

Robson Harrington House
San Anselmo, CA

Given the need for a simple and powerful way to reach forgiveness, Olivier Clerc created Circles of Forgiveness in 2012.  Forgiveness Circles are based on Olivier’s experience with don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements)  in 1999, described in his book The Gift of Forgiveness, (Findhorn Press, 2010, translated in 8 languages today) .

A Circle of Forgiveness is a ritual that allows people to have an intense first-hand experience of forgiveness in just 2-3hrs. There exists over 220 such Circles, today, in about 15 countries worldwide, and they are spreading fast.

“Forgiveness Circles are a beautiful way to build connection
and bring more forgiveness and healing into our communities.”
– Eileen Barker, The Path to Forgiveness

Join us for this very special training led by Olivier Clerc, a brilliant, internationally recognized forgiveness teacher and the creator of Forgiveness Circles.  Olivier is coming from France to lead this training for the first time in the US.

This training will enable you to begin leading Forgiveness Circles in your community. They are a great way to create community around forgiveness and spread the practice of forgiveness.  And it is a great opportunity to
expand your own professional practice of coaching, counseling, healing or whatever other form service takes for you.
The amazing efficiency of Forgiveness Circles comes from the combination of a precise ritual and the inner attitude required to implement them. The ritual, described in details in the Manual given to each participant, will be highlighted, commented and practiced step by step during the training.

Olivier Clerc

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1961, and living in France for 30 years, Olivier Clerc is the author of 20 books, with translations in a dozen languages, among which “The Gift of Forgiveness” and “The Five Agreements Game”.  Olivier Clerc has been leading Gift of Forgiveness workshops in many French-speaking and English-speaking countries. Since 2012, he is also training people to lead autonomous Circles of Forgiveness: there exist over 220 of them now, in 15 countries.  Since 2015, he has been giving webinars on Forgiveness and on the Four Agreements.

Cost is $350 for Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.