Six-Week Forgiveness Webinar

Heal Your Relationship – Heal Your Life

A Six-Week Forgiveness Course with Eileen Barker

 • Heal your relationship and your life
 • Release anger, resentment, fear and sadness
 • Rediscover your wholeness
 • Reclaim happiness and inner peace

Are you in a difficult relationship?  Are you ready for healing?

MandalaSo many people go through life carrying heart-breaking pain from childhood and adult relationships. Enormous suffering results. Whether you need to forgive your ex or your mother or yourself, forgiveness is the one thing that can enable you to heal.
If you have experienced loss, abandonment, betrayal, neglect or rejection in an important relationship, then you know all too well how painful and damaging this can be. People say the sorrow will get better with time, but does it really?  Or have you, like many others, continued to struggle despite the passage of time? 

There is good news!  No matter what has occurred in the past, and no matter how much or how long you have suffered, you needn’t suffer any longer.  Forgiveness expert Eileen Barker has helped thousands of people find healing through forgiveness.  They have discovered — and you will  too — that heartbreak can be a doorway for profound healing.

In this series, Eileen will show you step-by-step how to end the pain and suffering for once and for all. Discover how the power of forgiveness can enable you to heal your heart, heal your relationships — even those that are the most challenging — and heal your life!

[The beautiful mandala shown above is the work of artist Kate Bedell,]

Here’s what recent participants are saying:

  • This is the first method I have ever come across that laid out a step-by-step method that works! For the first time, I was able to release the pain of my past experiences.
  • It’s been weeks since the class, and I really do feel relieved of the chaos of the situation. It was very cathartic.  More valuable than a year of therapy.
  • Eileen is an extremely effective teacher with amazing intuition and insight.
This is much more than just another class.  This is an opportunity to experience the power of forgiveness, transform a relationship that has been stressful and taxing, and heal your life.  In the process, you will acquire powerful tools that you will be able to use over and over again, in personal and professional situations.  The class will have 6 lives sessions with homework in between.

Webinar includes:

  • Six written modules which each contain that week’s course content, forgiveness practices and homework
  • Six live calls with Eileen during which she will discuss that week’s module and offer one-on-one coaching. These calls will be recorded and you will be able to download the recordings afterwards
  • Access to a private online chat room reserved for those who are taking this course where you can share celebrations, ask questions, get support, and stay connected 24/7.
  • Digital downloads of Eileen’s highly acclaimed Forgiveness Workbook and Forgiveness Meditation CD which provide a proven step-by-step guide to the comprehensive forgiveness process used in all Path of Forgiveness trainings and retreats.
  •  Lifetime access to all course materials


Thank you very much for this healing experience.  I feel very satisfied that I received what I needed and wanted.  Thank you for your kind, loving heart. Megan Matthews

I experienced significant personal transformation and release from an experience that had haunted me.  Anne Oliver

Months later, my life continues to be transformed by this work. I used to carry a story about why my life wasn’t working and who was to blame. Eileen helped me see that I had a choice.  As I was sitting there, I felt my old story dissolve and go away.  And it has stayed that way ever since.  To this day I feel lighter and have way more energy.   Douglas Burns

This course had a profound impact on my life. I was able to let go of past hurts and forgive. I am now able to have loving, healthy relationships with the people in my life without all of the baggage from my past, that I held on to, for way too long. 
Monica Calzada

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