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   Peace Tools Series


Cultivating Empathy
We all want to be heard and understood. The ability to understand what another is feeling and needing is an essential life skill and peace tool. Using nonviolent communication (NVC) we will show you how to put empathy into practice, and help others do so as well. 

May 2, 2018

10 am – noon

No Charge

Defusing Anger
Anger is part of life, yet for many of us dealing with anger is the most difficult part of conflict, whether it’s the anger of another person or our own anger. 
For many of us as we were growing up. Anger was either not allowed or associated with rage and/or violence. Learning to gain comfort and skill with anger is key.

May 9, 2018
10 am – noon

$35 advance
$45 at the door


All programs will be presented by Eileen Barker at PeaceWorks, 205 Keller Street, Suite 203, Petaluma