Resolving Family Conflict


When Family Members Can’t Agree
with Barbara Stagg & Eileen Barker

  Family conflict is often the source of enormous stress and suffering.  It can erupt suddenly, after building up over the years.  Frequently accompanied by anger, hurt and/or resentment, family conflict often flares up as parents age.  Siblings who have been emotionally distant, or even estranged, for decades suddenly find themselves needing to make important decisions together about the parents’ care, housing, finances and other essential matters.  After the death of one or both parents, additional conflict arises over who will administer the estate, how property will be divided, and more.  In these seminars, two Petaluma experts will discuss the do’s and don’ts of addressing family conflict and there will be time for questions.  

January 27 

February 3 

February 10 

Recognizing and Preventing Family Conflicts

Addressing Existing Conflict

Healing Family Relationships


3 – 4:30 p.m. 

205 Keller Street, Suite 203
Petaluma, CA

$25 per program or $60 for all three



Barbara Stagg and Eileen Barker are both attorney-mediators with decades of experience helping families resolve conflict, and avoid toxic conflict and expensive legal battles.  Barbara specializes in Estate Planning and Trust Administration.  Eileen specializes in Mediation of Family Conflict, Restorative Circles and Forgiveness